December 2021:

Dec 17th: The Finnish national multiplier event webinar was organised on the 17th of December. Link to the webinar program (in Finnish): National multiplier webinar in Finland

Dec 8th: The final seminar of the STUNED project was organised in Volos, Greece as a hybrid conference on the 8th of December. Link to the seminar program: Final Seminar in Volos, Greece

November 2021: The project is proceeding by planning the transnational seminar and the national seminars.
September 2021: In the first project meeting after the summer the participants were discussing the current pandemic situation and it´s effects to teaching and studying. STUNED project duration is now officially prolonged till the 31st December 2021. In the meeting STUNED Moodle was also jointly updated with some new courses and translations.
May 2021: The partners have actively shared their thoughts and plans about the project from the beginning inside their organisations and also nationally ie. in conferences. Now also evaluative information by the students is available.  As a part of the STUNED course “Standards supporting management” in the Turku School of Economics / University of Turku (FI) there was a very inspiring guest lecture by the Development and Quality Director Ari Eronen from Elomatic. Elomatic is a global engineering and consulting company. As an assignment of the course the students had to make questions which were sent to Mr Eronen before the lecture. The students were delighted: “It was great to have an expert from a company to answer my own questions!”
April 2021: Due to the pandemic many European projects will have some prolongation. Also STUNED project is having negotiations on the subject. The prolongation would maybe open possibilities for face-to-face multiplier events and thus more effective dissemination and utilization of the project results.
March 2021: In the mid-term monitoring STUNED project got very positive evaluations of the activities, such as training for lecturers and training for students. Also some suggestions for improvement were given. These were discussed in detail in the project meeting on 19th March 2021 with all partners. One concern are the effects of the pandemic to the work-load on university lecturers and students. One solution would be to prolong the project for some months to reach more impact. The duration of the project will be considered more closely in the near future.

Jan-May 2021: STUNED courses for students are going on.
11/2020 – : More and more courses and materials are uploaded in STUNED Moodle

9 & 10/2020: Teacher training. A teacher training sessions were organised online for all project partners on on 17th September and 15th October 2020. In that training the mechanisms and procedures on how each of the lecturers will elaborate his/her own course/module for the students using the ready-made STUNED courses on standardization available on the Moodle platform.


5/2020 National student and teacher surveys finalized.

Selection of domains/specialities and pilots. During spring 2020 partner universities have selected pilot departments.

Kick-off meeting 12/2019. The first project meeting was organised 16th December 2019 in Sofia.